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An intergenerational study of online dating;

parent and child sign up together.

What could go wrong?

Unless a son and daughter and their parents start dating each other. It’s a modern day Brady Bunch.

But more incestual.


Columbia is conducting an intergenerational study of online dating. Recent college graduates Michael and Annie talk their newly single parents Celia and Jacob into signing up with them. Dating has drastically changed since Celia and Jacob each got married back in the 90s. Hardly pros themselves, Michael and Annie become tutors in modern dating, teaching their respective parents everything from creating profiles to sending messages to going on dates. 

Even with such expert tutelage, the landscape is fraught with minefields. For both parents and children. There’s all the dos and don’ts of online etiquette to learn. The frustration of actually meeting people who turn out to be nothing like their advertised selves. Or just nuts. The dick pics. But the shared struggle brings the parents and their children together, as they become unlikely confidants and cheerleaders for each other. 

Swipe Right is a biting, irreverent, and moving take on modern dating that explores how we search for and deepen relationships in our lives, and the outsized role technology now plays in these endeavors. With an upbeat, rock-inspired score and a story both uplifting and cringeworthy, it’s a fun romp through the world of online dating and romance for all ages.


Read-through in November 2018 (The Playground Experiment)

Full readings in October 2019 & January 2020 (The Playground Experiment)

Equity 29-Hour Reading in October 2020

SAG/AFTRA workshop in November 2020





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